On bullying

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Readers, it’s happened again.  Another headline in my local news about a teen committing suicide because he was bullied.  If you’re a parent, are you talking to your kids about bullying? This is NOT a once-and-done conversation. It needs to be ongoing and frequent because the world in which we live sees new technologies every […]


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School’s Started… Have You Had The Talk With Your Child Yet?

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  Dear Parents of Middle School Children,   It’s that time of year again…. back to school season. New backpacks, new books, new friends. Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grades are times for lots of changes for your child.  This is when puberty hits, typically with hurricane levels of power.  Puberty is more than just […]


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Spreading the Word: Empathy

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Ever since SEND was released last August, I’ve been talking about bullying and ways to help end it.  Last week, I had the great pleasure of addressing my day job colleagues at a Lunch & Learn event. Every month, our Parenting Network schedules a different hour for parents looking to benefit from the experiences of […]


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Guest Post on Joy Preble’s Blog

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The lovely Joy Preble – also a Sourcebooks author! — has invited me to take over her blog. Come on over and say hi!


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SEND Cover Reveal!!!

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SQUEE! ! ! ! Please forgive the abuse of exclamation points but SEND HAS A COVER AND IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVAH! Behold… Do you love it?!? Tell me you love it. Lie to me if you must. It’s really happening. My precious is A REAL BOOK! *happy dance* I um… *coughs*… went a […]



Colorado Teens Tell Peers – “We’re Here to Help”

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We’re six months away from the release of my novel, SEND, a story about a former bully learning to cope with the suicide he caused when he was thirteen. When I began writing SEND, the plot was made up — born partly from my own fears as a mother of teens and partly from an […]



In Memory of Jamie Rodemeyer

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The following blog post was written by my oldest son, Rob, and pre-empts this weekend’s usual chocolate post because the subject is too important to trivialize. I warn you – this is not easy to read and as Rob’s mother, I promise you, it’s even harder to bear because each time I read it, I […]