Spreading the Word: Empathy

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Ever since SEND was released last August, I’ve been talking about bullying and ways to help end it.  Last week, I had the great pleasure of addressing my day job colleagues at a Lunch & Learn event. Every month, our Parenting Network schedules a different hour for parents looking to benefit from the experiences of […]


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Amber Arnett ~ “I started reading this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down….” (More) slsmitty25 Shannah ~ “What a great book! I was immediately hooked from the get go…” (More) Kimberly Sabatini ~ “My heart simultaneously breaks and soars for the characters in this book…” (More)    


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The Missing Epilogue

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Ever since SEND was released back in August, whenever I get any sort of fan mail or reviews, the same comment comes up over and over. “GAH! Did Dan click Send or not? Did Julie return? What happens?  Well now’s your chance to know. Tell me what YOU’D like to see in the missing epilogue… […]


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Fleeting Moments to Freeze

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August 1st is finally here! SEND is officially being shipped today, though Barnes & Noble stocked their shelves a few days early. Excuse me for a moment while I bask. *sighs* I can’t believe this day is here. This is a bucket list moment — truly. I recently found a old elementary school assignment in […]



SEND Cover Reveal!!!

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SQUEE! ! ! ! Please forgive the abuse of exclamation points but SEND HAS A COVER AND IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVAH! Behold… Do you love it?!? Tell me you love it. Lie to me if you must. It’s really happening. My precious is A REAL BOOK! *happy dance* I um… *coughs*… went a […]