Bullying and Internet Safety Resources

As adults – as parents, educators, mentors, it’s our job to educate kids on the power of the technology they treat as a toy.  On this page, I’m collecting a list of links to various resources – blogs of first-hand accounts of bullying terror, news stories that describe in detail what happens to kids who engage in bullying behavior, and where you can go for help – if you’re bullied, are the parent of a bullied child, or even a bully who’s ready to stop hurting people. If you have a link to share, please email me at pattyblount3 at gmail dot com.  Let this be our wake-up call.

The child you save could be your own.


October is Bullying Awareness Month

Visit the Anti-Bullying Project to learn more.


Author and mom Candace Ganger refuses to sit idle. She launched END. IT. NOW – a project aimed at stopping bullying for good. Please visit her blog for ways you can help. There’s even a video (look for my appearance!) to motivate you.

If you’re a teacher or librarian, email me for SEND wristbands or click the SEND menu to download a copy of the Discussion Guide.

Teach kids how to stand UP to bullying instead of stand by. Did you know when bystanders speak for victims, bullying STOPS 57% of the time? Go here for more advice. http://www.standuptobullying.org/ and http://www.stopbullying.gov/respond/be-more-than-a-bystander.

Read the eSafety Guide for Parents and this Cyberbullying post on KidsHealth.

Hopeline4Teens – a website for teens BY teens. Danny Manes and Gary Ramirez offer advice on any issue and it’s all anonymous. Note: In March, 2012, Hopeline4Teens changed their name to Encourage The Youth.

Single Dad Laughing – one of the hardest-to-read-but-must-be-read accounts I’ve found

Ryan Patrick Halligan – whose father spoke at my sons’ school

Ellen Degeneres on the death of a Rutgers student outed by his dorm mates.

Suicide Hotlines – if you feel like there’s no one to talk to, call one.

Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) – New York State law. Could this be a model for the rest of the country?

Ernest the Owl Parent and Teacher Guide to the Internet. This downloadable guide from The Connection is best suited for conversation with young children.

What is Cyberbullying? An Overview for Students, Parents and Teachers (Maryville University Online)  This guide provides examples, links to additional resources, and statistics.

Emergency Internet Safety for Kids. This AlertFind site is written for younger kids, in language they can understand.