I’m excited to reveal the new project I’ve been working on. It’s called THE SMELL OF SMOKE AND ASH and should be out this autumn. It’s a Young Adult paranormal thriller and it needs YOUR help to succeed.

I’m looking for people willing to post their reviews of advanced/uncorrected copies prior to October. Are you in? If so, please head over to Google Forms and complete the Sign-Up sheet!

Just for you, here’s an exclusive peek at the cover design for THE SMELL OF SMOKE AND ASH, designed by the incomparable Devin Maupin!

Here’s a teaser:

It’s all in his mind. That’s what he tells himself whenever he has a vision…until one hurts him. 

Skeptical Riley Carter cannot tell his mom about the strange visions he’s been having since his dad and little brother died in a fire. Psychics aren’t real; they’re just crooks who prey on the bereaved. But his visions are getting worse. More dangerous. And when one injures him, Riley is forced to admit he needs help.

She knows your feelings…even the ones you think you’re hiding. 

Jasmine Gregory’s dad has been missing for months. The police think he took off with another woman but Jasmine and her mom refuse to believe that. The only sign she’s had leads her to a harbor town on Long Island, where she meets a boy whose psychic abilities just may be as strong as hers…if he believed in that sort of thing. The more she gets to know Riley Carter, the more convinced she becomes that her dad’s disappearance is connected to his father’s murder.

All she has to do now is convince Riley that she’s a real psychic…and so is he.

This isn’t real. It can’t be.

Jasmine seems to know exactly what Riley feels…even when he’s not entirely sure himself. When she tells him his dad is haunting him, Riley doesn’t want to hear it. But as his visions keep getting stronger and more dangerous, the message his dad’s been trying to send him becomes clear.

The fire was no accident. 

Worse, whoever set it is getting ready to kill again.