A blog for the parents of boys

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I am the proud mom of two amazing men. The photo here was snapped at one of my book launch events, with all three of us laughing out loud at the antics of a young guest at that party.  It’s one of my favorite pictures.  Last week, as most Americans witnessed the boorish behavior as […]


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Open Letter to #Media on Headline Writing

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Dear Journalists and Editors, I get it. It’s a numbers game. You need clicks, you need eyeballs, you need traffic to stay alive in this perpetual news-cycle society we created with our smartphones and social networks. I sympathize.  But I’m pissed off about something.  I’m mad at ABC News for this:          […]


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Gross miscarriage of justice

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A few months back, the internet was in a twist over the so-called Affluenza Teen, whose Mommy took him out of the country to avoid prosecution…  The past week, the internet has had a collective melt-down as news of the Stanford rapist’s sentence went viral. As well it should.  Arm-chair quarterbacking has always found its […]