THE WAY IT HURTS and Its Back Cover Copy

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We goofed! 

My apologies. We made an editorial change to the novel AFTER the cover was designed, which means that change wasn’t made to the back cover copy in time for production. 

While the back cover copy suggests some anonymous person snapped a picture of main character Elijah Hamilton leering at actress Kristen Cartwright during her school’s production of CATS, the story was changed during the editorial process so that it’s actually Elijah who posts a picture of Kristen, along with a comment that is taken out of context. My editors and I believed having Elijah cause the story’s main problem rather than merely be a victim of it was more compelling. 

Descriptions on book retail sites and on Goodreads are up to date, but the paperback copies are not

I apologize for the confusion and hope you’ll nevertheless consider reading THE WAY IT HURTS. 

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