The Sound of Silence

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Welcome to this leg of the Filles Vertes Publishing LOVE ON MAIN blog hop!

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I’m Patty Blount and my short story, SILVER FOR GOLD, takes place in The Hamptons on Long Island and follows Ethan Lewis and Alli Santanta, servers who work at upscale restaurant. Ethan is shy and hates to talk but when Alli is harassed by a customer, he must find just the right words. 

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Author Patty Blount sits in her office, staring at a boy, a young man. He’s tall, with messy hair and a bit of scruff on his strong jaw. His eyes are bright but cautious and every once in a while, if she doesn’t blink, Patty sees a dimple flirt on his cheek. He holds a phone in his hand, open to an eReader app. 

Patty: “Ethan, you’ve been working at Saluti for a while now. Do you like it?”

Ethan: “Sure.”

Patty waits a beat. Waits some more. Clears her throat. “What do you like about it?” 

Ethan grins briefly and that dimple winks. “The tips.” 

Patty indicates the app on his phone. “What are you reading there?” 

Ethan: “I am Malala.” 

Patty: “Do you like it?” 

Ethan: “Yes.” 

Sighing, Patty grins: “You’re a man of few words. What’s up with that?” 

Ethan shrugs. “Talking causes…” he circles his hand, tries to <FIND> the right word. “Drama.” He shakes his head. “I hate drama.” 

Patty: “Yes. I know. Can you tell us why?” 

He breathes out a laugh. “That would mean talking.” 

Patty: “Good point. Okay, my friend. Tell me about Alli.” 

Ethan’s head snaps up. “Is she here?” 

Patty: “Possibly. Tell me about her.” 

Ethan: “She’s cool.” 

Patty sighs. “What’s cool about her, Ethan?” 

Ethan frowns. “Everything, okay?” 

Patty’s eyebrows climb. “Now we’re getting somewhere. You like her, don’t you?” 

He nods. “Sure.” 


“You know why.” 

Patty nods. “I do. Of course I do. I want to hear it from you. Words matter, Ethan.” 

Ethan stares at his author. “I know that better than anybody. That’s why I don’t talk much.” 

Patty changes tactics. “Do you know why I call this story SILVER FOR GOLD?” 

Ethan shrugs. “Silver tongue?” 

Patty grins. “Close. It’s from an old saying, ‘Speech is silver but silence is golden.’ Do you know what it means?” 

Ethan waits patiently for Patty to explain. 

“It means that patience and listening are often more important, more valuable, than eloquence. Do you agree?” 

“I do,” Ethan replies immediately. 

Patty: “Would you also agree that there are times when speaking up is valuable — maybe even crucial?” 

Ethan looks away. Shrugs. Shakes his head. 

“I can’t think of any.”

Patty smiles. “You can. You will. When the time is right, you will.” 


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