Stop Bullying Kristen Stewart

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A few weeks ago, Kristen Stewart released a public apology to her boyfriend of three years, Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, for apparently cheating on him with a much older and married man.  This unleashed the most vicious hate campaign since the last presidential election.  Fans took to the internet, recording tearful editorials, posting remarks that questioned Kristen’s intelligence, calling her names, and saying she broke THEIR hearts. Will Ferrell, a celebrity himself of sorts — certainly someone who should know better — went on TV and branded her a ‘trampire’, sparking the sale of t-shirts emblazoned with that slogan because apparently, a scarlet A just wasn’t enough.  I’ve no doubt that if she were thrown in a stockade, the networks would trip over themselves in a bidding war for the rights to air her public stoning and the ratings would top the Super Bowl’s.

What colossal nerve. What outrageous hypocrisy.

I want you all to think back to a time in your life when you made a foolish mistake. Have none of you ever done something hurtful that you later regretted? Come on, you’re all human, so there must be something in your past. Can’t think of anything? How about a break-up? Have you ever broken up with someone and watched your friends take sides? Have you ever gotten caught in a lie? Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment that you later regretted because it hurt someone deeply?

Hold on to this recollection. Try to remember the emotions you experienced throughout your ordeal.

Unpleasant, isn’t it?

Good. I want you to feel unpleasant for a few minutes.

Now, imagine millions of people across the WORLD taking your mistake and dissecting it in chat rooms, on blogs, on Facebook and Twitter, on late night talk shows, in the tabloids – even in the mainstream press – and tell me how you’d feel then. It was hard enough to face the person you wronged; how would you feel if hundreds of people wore t-shirts that said “Jenny is a boss-sleeping ho” or “Matt is a mama’s boy who dumped me because she said so”?

How would you ever move beyond your mistake if it’s thrust into your face everywhere you go?  Kristen Stewart is 22 years old. Put aside your envy that she’s living a life most of us can only dream about. Just focus on her age. Most young women that age are leaving college, getting their first ‘real’ job, maybe moving out of their parents’ homes. If you think this is an age when judgment is beyond reproach, then you’re delusional.

In SEND, I examine bullying from a lot of perspectives and it seems to me that this is a CLASSIC bullying situation. Kristen messed up. So what? Think of her like the girl in the cafeteria who dropped a tray of food. The part of the bully is played by Will Ferrell, who went on TV and called a young girl a trampire. He’s the guy in the cafeteria who, instead of helping the girl who just dropped her tray, stood up, and got the entire school laughing at her. And he’s just one of MANY.

And then, there’s the rest of us. The bystanders. We’re the kids in the cafeteria who stand by and do nothing to help the poor girl who dropped her tray. Worse, we laugh and encourage the bully to keep taunting her. How? We buy the trampire t-shirts, buy the tabloids, watch the late-night talk shows because we’re all such paragons of virtues who live perfect lives and are entitled to sneer at the misfortune of celebrities because they make tons of money and somehow owe us.

How do you silence a bully? By telling him he’s not funny. By defending his victim. By not wasting your money on a trampire t-shirt. By not stripping a young woman of every ounce of her self-worth. By not encouraging the media to invade Kristen’s and Rob’s personal lives.

By respecting the right everyone has to privacy – even celebrities.

How do you feel about the way Kristen’s been portrayed by the media? What do you think of Will Ferrell’s comments? Will Kristen’s actions change your mind about seeing her movies? 



33 responses to “Stop Bullying Kristen Stewart”

  1. Becca says:

    Thank You for Speaking The Truth!
    It seems that speaking the Truth in this time period of History is so foreign, and when people do come out with Honesty, even after something has happened that was wrong and regretted in Honesty, that person gets thrown – under – the Semi- Truck with the biggest smashing wheels. We have All been young and gotten swept up in a moment of a smoking mirror that was pressuring Us to do a wrong that would not resonate with our hearts once e mistake was made in that moment. That is how We learn as young adults. Those lessons teach Us what morality means. It does not mean a momentary indiscretion makes Us an evil Gargoyle for life or even a week! If You are a Human Male or Female – You will make mistakes – and as Humans One does oneself a dishonesty if thinking there are no mistakes made.
    The child who has been kept out of the kitchen and away from the stove will not learn the lesson of the temptation of touching that Hot stove until they have walked to that stove and touched it. That same principle works for All Areas of our lives as young adults. We don’t condemn our Young Ones for learnings those lessons. We love them and guide them to help them understand what the lesson means and why not to repeat it. We do not beat them with constantly with their indiscretions. We support their forgiveness of Themselves and their decisions to move forward in the positive way .
    I too say leave Kristen Stewart in Peace as well as Robert Pattinson and stop The Bashing Blogs – Be Positive Say a Prayer for ” That Amazing Couple” You cannot even Put Yourself In either of Their Shoes – So Why Does Anyone Have The Right to Bash either of Them as a Couple or Individually! And Anyone
    That Has Bashed Them Should Totally Be Majorly Ashamed of Themselves!

    I am a Mom that has kids their age and I do understand.

  2. sue says:

    We don’t even know her side of the story we only know what the media wants us to know, maybe the truth is not that profitable for the tabloids, I will always defend and love Kristen IF she made that mistake, that single thing doesn’tdefined her. I hope Rob can find it in his heart the way to forgive her If all this BS the media is selling is truth

  3. Liz says:

    I think it’s ridiculous how the media is harassing Kristen as if they haven’t done something in their lives equally or even more disgraceful as cheating. Another thing that I think is ridiculous is the fact that her former fans feel as if she had done something to THEM and owed them an apology. Now I think Will Ferrell wanted more press for his movie by calling Kristen a trampire and since he’s a comedian, he could just say that he was joking but if the tables were turned, I’d think he’d want privacy. All of this definitely won’t change my mind about watching her movies and I certainly will watch On The Road when it comes out because no matter what people say, she’s a splendid actress.

  4. Monica says:

    THANK YOU.!!!!

  5. Adria says:

    I actually talked about this on my Tumblr not too long ago. Everything you mentioned is everything I see and believe. I don’t just say these things as a fan of Kristen Stewart, but as someone who is disgusted by the bullying and verbal stoning of her. For yet another older man to take advantage of her and/or her situation is just wrong.

    No matter who she is, she deserves respect and privacy. This is another low for humanity as a whole. In a day and age where there are anti-bullying campaigns every where we look, it’s ironic that Kristen is being attacked so viciously, by so many, and I’ve found out, some of those “pure and perfect” people are supporters of anti-bullying organizations.

    What hurts me, as I consider myself an empathetic person, is that this is someone’s child, someone’s little girl that people are calling such horrible names and though I am not a mother, I sympathize with her loved ones. They are powerless to protect her.

    I hope that Ms. Stewart knows that however many people “hate” her, there are those who are genuinely concerned for her and care for her. Not just her fans, but people who have hearts and can empathize with another soul who has made a mistake.

    And no, I won’t stop defending her. Not as a fan, but as a woman and human being who has made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. The last time I checked, no one was perfect.

    Excellent post ma’am. I will be bookmarking it.

  6. Trisha says:

    I was initially shocked and saddened by what happened, more so because I just always thought if Rob and Kristen broke up, that it would be a mutual decision between both and not because of a cheating scandal with a married man which made global headlines. She never wanted to be cliché and yet this scandal made their lives cliché which really upset me. My sadness and disappointment with Kristen was because I believed her when she talked about integrity and being true to yourself and following her heart, but I don’t believe she used any of her own beliefs in this situation. She made a mistake. A huge mistake, but the mistake is something between her and Rob and the rest of the world shouldn’t be involved. She has been portrayed terribly in the media and what upsets me more is how they just make things up, so it fits into their version of the story. It’s utterly ridiculous. None of us knows what happened other than what we saw in those pictures. We don’t know what the circumstances were that led to do this or what the outcome has been since? I tend to believe that Rob and Kristen are still talking and working things through, but with the continued gossip and hate towards Kristen how are they supposed to move past this? She must be humiliated beyond belief and I can only assume that she is hurting deeply. I hope her family and friends help her through this time, because she is carrying the weight of all this, while Rupert Sanders gets a free pass. Completely unfair. I am Kristens fan and I will continue to be so and I will watch her movies.

  7. Gen says:

    AMEN! my words exactly.

  8. Chelsea Pattinson says:

    It’s a disgrace that people would actually believe stuff like this. I NEVER believe magazine articles nor will i ever but seriously this has gone too far. Some of the pics look real, Yeah i admit that but some look horribly photoshopped. I’m saying it is a rumor because Kristen isn’t that type. She says she isn’t a fan of cheating but really no one should be. Also that apology could be from anyone as if she’s got something to say, she doesn’t need to tell her publicist to tell everyone, She can say it herself.
    Also join this group on facebook (Robsten Is Unbroken) if you don’t mind…

  9. Ally says:

    Thank you for saying what of many of us rational fans have been thinking, tweeting and blogging since this whole mess started. No matter what happened that day, and none of us know really, Kristen does not deserve the hate that has been hurled at her and the war that is being waged against her. She’s a young girl who at worst made a mistake, she didn’t even have sexual contact with this much older man who called her, came on to her, but she is receiving the brunt of the attacks. What about the much older, married man who was her boss and should have known better than to go after a young girl in his employ? Why aren’t his actions in question? Why hasn’t he lost his job? Why isn’t his character in question? Why isn’t he being ridiculed publicly? It is a horrible thing that has happened to Kristen Stewart and I only hope she has the support network to help her cope with all of this, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I don’t know how she’s finding the strength to.

    Thank you for writing a beautiful article in defense of a beautiful young girl.

  10. Alex says:

    It’s very important,at least to me,that women write such articles.A mature way to go through this case.I am a fan of Kristen Stewart not only for her acting skills.I really like that girl’s attitude,her smart mouth,her nature.I hate the idea of her being unhappy right now..and I hate the way she’s being treated by the media and by some cowards who know better.All my love and respect for the young lady Stewart!

  11. josefa says:

    cierto las personas somos asi cuando vemos a algien caido mas leña al fuego pero nuestros errores bien guardados xd si es solo una niña amos a alludarda a lebantarse con mas fuerza ke sienta el cariño de sus fans la añoro mucho ojala y todo se arregle pronto un fuerte abrazo para nuestra kristen

  12. Tuere Morton says:

    Glad SOMEBODY said it!! I absolutely don’t condone what she did, but aside from it being none of my business, I’m appalled @ how she’s been raked over the coals so badly. And when I saw “Trampire” on the cover of the New York Post, I was sickened by their audacity. Celebs should totally stay out of it and support thier privacy @ the best. Idk if it’ll make a difference when I see Breaking Dawn 2 front and center. Here’s hoping not…

  13. susan says:

    Kristen, keep your head up and you spirit high!

  14. Jedi says:

    One mistake did not make me forget the good I saw in you.
    I never stop believing in you. I never stop loving you…Kristen Stewart…

  15. abby mumford says:

    this whole situation is odd and unfortunate and way overblown, but i really do like your perspective, patty. i never thought about it from kristen’s perspective (aka, her age), just robert’s (the victim), and you’re right. this is a classic case of bullying. it needs to stop.

  16. Kristy says:

    I totally agree. This is BULLYING. And Kristen doesn’t owe us anything. I’m a fan of her work. I will continue to be. That being said, nothing will stop me from seeing her future movies.

  17. Fanon says:

    That was a really great article. I totally agree with you. People should realise Kristen is a real life person, with emotions, who hurt someone she loves and feels deeply sorry to the point of apologizing publicly. And to see how people and even the media are bullying her, that’s really awful to witness. And of course, how can a 22 year old girl feel about all of this, god! And knowing she’ll have to face the media and world soon, how much strengh will she need? Can’t people empathize? Why all the hate and bullying? People should just imagine that if they were to witness this kind of bullying done to someone they do know personally and they can see by themseleves what it does to them, they wouldn’t do and write about kristen everything we’ve seen and read lately. Not only the victims are hurting, she is too. From her mistake and what it might cost her personally but also from all the hate that is directed at her by ‘perfect’ people who’ve decided that it’s their right to judge her. Thanks for what you just wrote, that’s was beautiful and so true. Hope that helps some people see what they’re doing and stops the bullying.

  18. Tina says:

    Love this. People have lost their kindness and it’s really horrible to watch all of this. I hope she will be OK. If Robert Pattinson decides starts attacking her in the press then he is the biggest jerk ever. His fans already treated her like dirt before this out of jealousy and now they are threatening her and driving the hate. I hope she gets back to work and can have a normal life. If they really have split then all the better as she will be able to date somebody less idolised and not have to be the subject of hate sites. Good luck Kristen!

  19. Anne L Jones says:

    I have NOT and will NOT go to any late nite talk show. I did NOT watch the Robert Pattinson promo tour AT ALL. It would be totally hypocritcal of me to do that. I dont even feel vey comfortable coming to these sites and leaving my opinion but when I started reading all the garbage being thrown at this girl, I just felt the overwheleming need to come and defend her. While I feel Mr. Farrell was only joking and poking fun at some of Mr. Pattinson more overly obsessed female fan base, he did start a whole other snowball effect with his statements, hence the t-shirts. I cannot fathom how said fans think that the man was saying anything against Ms. Stewart, he was actually making fun of the FANS themselves. While this skit should have made some back off and realize how ridiculous them were behaving, instead it gave them more fuel for their rightous fire. Anyone that buys one of these shirts and actually intends to wear it, well, I feel only second-hand embarrasment for them, not Ms. Stewart. While I do have some serious doubt as to the validity of the whole “scandal”, its out there, no going back from it only try to move forward. Why this should hurt this young girls career totally boggles the mind. I have to be honest and say that I am not a fan of Mr. Pattinson, I know, shocking right? But I will not come to a site and vilify the man. I just dont comment on him. But hopefully, people will start to realize that the hatred and condemnation of this girl has gone on long enough and maybe they will take my advise to heart. If you are not a fan of Ms. Stewarts then DONT comment on her. Dont follow her. DOnt read interviews of stories with her name mentioned. I remember an old saying, “if you cant say something nice, just say nothing at all”. Words to live by!

  20. Elaine says:

    You nailed it. That’s exactly how I feel. Even reading about the tray in the cafeteria and the bullies made my stomach upset. Good stuff.

  21. Liza says:

    I totally agree. I was engaged to and living with my partner when I cheated on him at age 20. I was so devastated by my own actions I couldnt forgive myself for hurting the one I loved like that. Its a shame society cant leave these two to figure things out for themselves. I lived in a small town at the time and everyone ending up finding out but that is still nothing consideringg social media these days. I wish them all the luck. “This to shall pass”

  22. Alex says:

    Why can’t more people feel the way you do? I’ve never, ever seen anything quite like this and it disgusts me. I keep waking up everyday hoping this will die will die down but someone has something more to say to dig that knife in a little deeper. When I saw the pictures of Kristen the other day it really hit home. So many people were thrilled to see her out and about and couldn’t stop talking about what she was wearing, what car she was driving and where she was staying. Not me, all I noticed was the drawn, extremely sad, devastated look on her face and I knew without a doubt it was a direct result of the media and the individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to personally thrash her. While I know part of her current attitude has to do with her remorse over this predicament, more than anything, it’s about the aftermath. The media constantly writes about how Rob can’t stand the sight of her and is successfully moving on. My hope is that he’s the person I think he is and they’re working through this together and he’s hopefully easing her pain. Whatever the situation, it’s no ones business but those directly involved and I hope they come out of this with as little damage as possible. Unfortunately, I think it might be too late for that.

  23. vanz jose says:

    Im happy that someone indeed said this. It will open many blinded ones.

  24. Cristina says:

    Que reconfortante fue leer este articulo, es ridiculo y a la vez avergonzante las dimensiones que ha tomado esta situacion que deberia ser tratado solo por ellos dos, ya lo dije una vez hay que dejar a un lado nuestro egoismo y envidia y darles paso a su privacidad. Lo de Ferrel no vale la pena hablar solo decir que demostro ser tan poco hombre.
    Hay que separar los actores de los personajes y tanto Kris como Rob demostraron al llevar su relacion una madurez que no lo he visto en otras parejas del espectaculo de esa edad.
    Espero que las personas empiecen a tomar conciencia y dejen de lapidarla cuando al otro (Sanders) esta muy bien, de el no dicen nada a pesar de que el es un hombre viejo, casado y con hijos.
    Ya todo el mundo sabe que la que vende en el mundo del espectaculo es Kristen, claro y tambien Rob.
    Muy buen articulo…. excelente

  25. sharla says:

    I was so disgusted of Will Farrow on his disgusting comments trying to be funny yet stumping his shoes on kristens face. The truth is that he was just riding to the occasion to get the haters watch his disgusting movie which by the way flopped.

  26. marilyn cole says:

    I hope you can get this article out to lots of websites and those critical and judgemental. It speaks the truth. Will Ferrell is done for me. His comments were cruel, not funny, and they were always meant to be hurtful. I won’t spend a dime on his movies.

  27. Anna says:

    Thanks for writing this article, we need more people like you who have the ways and have the courage to defend and so stop once and for all the attack on this young lady, I’m mother of two teenage daughters and they love read and watch the Twilight movies, I’ve been very worried about Kristen, and as a mother I have no idea how to handle a situation like that is living Kristen’s mother, maybe couldn’t resist the constant attacks on my daughter, and if I had the financial means, I take my child to a distant island, where there is no internet, and she did not see the vicious attacks of older people like Mr. Will Ferrel, Mr. Ferrel think for a moment like a Family Father, how you would feel if one of your children is attacked with such cruelty as you did with Kristen?????. Kristen, if Robert can’t understand you and more important to be able to forget the past, let it go baby, the time will erase all these bitter moments you are living now, you have a lot of talent and beauty, you would come out ahead, be brave, hired two bodyguards and step out baby, ALWAY WE LOVE YOU and we’ll continue go to cinema to watch your movies Kristen, doing mistakes we learn and grow up, MOVE ON BABY!!!!

  28. Jolanda says:

    As a victim of intense bullying myself, your words really struck a nerve with me. It’s so easy for people to put someone else down. Much easier than to admit that they’re not all that themselves.
    Yes, the girl made a mistake. A stupid one. She’s paying for it, trust me. And she doesn’t need this public scrutiny on top of that. True, she’s in the public eye due to her profession, but that doesn’t mean her privacy shouldn’t be respected.
    In the end, this is an issue that needs to be resolved between the people involved. They don’t need total strangers’ two cents put in as well.

  29. Ann says:

    “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”
    I don’t care what anyone says about her, everyone makes a mistakes but everyone should be able to prove they can be forgiven.I will keep supporting Kristen and Rob whether they are together or not.I love Kristen so much.

  30. Peam says:

    I HATE Will Ferrell but I HATE Rupert Sanders more than Will Ferrell.

  31. Patty Blount says:

    Thanks to all who commented! It’s amazing how even adults think nothing of bullying. I hope Kristen and Rob are finding a way to deal with this without the media finding out. I remember breaking up with my boyfriend when I was about 16 and everyone of our friends got involved, had an opinion about it and just generally made it harder to deal with. I can’t even IMAGINE that on a global scale.

  32. Aditi says:

    I was actually one of the people who’d have laughed at her while she’d tried to pick her tray up( just using your analogy), simply because I can’t stand the whole infidelity thing. But after I read your article, I realized, that no matter what your personal beliefs are, you have no right to have an opinion about someone else’s actions, especially when you yourself may have made the same mistake. And yes, we know neither her side of the story, and nor do we know whether all this is just a PR stunt.
    Thank you.

  33. Chris says:

    I don’t even like Stewart’s movies and I feel sorry for her because of how everyone is treating her. This is a great post. The director was older, married, and has children. How come he isn’t the slut?