SOME BOYS special offer $1.99 – Plus! a giveaway for helping me spread the word

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Digital versions of my third novel, SOME BOYS, can be downloaded for just $1.99 today until 6/17. Hit up your favorite book seller’s website. 

This novel won the CLMP Firecracker Award in 2015 and was a finalist in the RWA Rita and Booksellers’ Best award competitions. 

It’s about a girl named Grace who’s raped by her school’s most popular athlete — and no one believes her. But Grace isn’t the kind of girl to hide away. Oh, no. She COMPELS her school to hear her side. Don’t miss it. 

This summer, SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW drops on 8/7 and covers similar subject material only this time, justice is served…. or is it? Grace and Ian from SOME BOYS make cameo appearances in this companion story to SOME BOYS. SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW has already been named a 2018 Junior Library Guild Fall Pick. 

If you’ve already read SOME BOYS,  make sure you sign up for my newsletter to receive a FREE download of ONE GIRL, a short story that features Grace and Ian from SOME BOYS shortly after the book ends. 

Help me spread the word. I want this book to climb the charts and be made into a movie! I want NPR to talk about it. I want the ladies on The View to discuss it. I want Grace Collier’s name to be as famous as Bella Swan’s or Katniss Everdeen’s!

Share the news about the sale price between now and 6/17  — text message, tweets, Facebook posts, talking to your friends. All you have to do is show me — take a picture, video, or screen shot and send it to me at On 6/18, I’ll choose a random participant to win a $10 Amazon gift card. (U.S. only please!)  Meanwhile, I may use what you share with me on my website. 

Thank you all ! 



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