It’s in the genes

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Nearly eighteen years ago, I fell in love. Blind, complete, awe-inspiring, breathless love.

In May of 1992, I met my newborn son and life began for me…  everything up until that moment was just a prelude.

In the years that have passed since his birth, I’ve run the emotional gamut. Up-all-night exhaustion when he had his first fever. Worry when he wasn’t gaining enough weight. Heart-clutching terror when he fell down a flight of stairs after I’d failed to latch a gate.   First steps, potty training, removing the training wheels, putting him on the school bus, kissing boo-boos, rebuilding his shattered self-image after a tense sixth grade filled with bullying, rebuilding his shattered self-image after his first unsuccessful date, the hair-pulling tension of driving lessons, and the countless smiles, giggles, and “I love you, mom’s”  – yeah. You get the idea.

Why do we do this? Why does the human animal put itself through such torture… not merely with full knowledge and consent… but with hand-rubbing glee?

I watch him, when he thinks no one’s looking. I marvel in his tenderness when he cuddles his newborn cousin. I smile secretly when I hear him defend his younger brother. I laugh out loud when he shouts at the television, seeming so much like his father, I feel like I’ve been sucked through a worm hole back to the ’80’s.

It’s a simple matter of pride. Over these nearly eighteen years, there have been so many moments where the pride washes over me like a tsunami – so strong, so elemental, surely I’ll be crushed under its weight.

It is with great pride that I share with you my son’s own blog.

My son attends college this fall. He wants to be a writer.

Like me.



3 responses to “It’s in the genes”

  1. Julie Musil says:

    Beatiful mother/son story. With three young sons of my own, college seems so far away. But I know mothers like you will tell me “keep your eyes open…it’ll fly by.” Best of luck with your writing.

    • Patty says:

      Thanks so much, Julie! Appreciate your kind words. And you have three boys? God bless! By the way, “Julie” is my lead character’s name in the current work in progress. Ah, irony.

  2. Julie Musil says:

    Hey, great name! Good luck with your wip.