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Real life ghost stories! I swear an a bag of Hershey’s Kisses these really happened to me. 


Tale One:

As an Italian American, I would be doomed – DOOMED, I tell you, to eternity in hell’s kitchens, if I ever served spaghetti sauce from a jar. However, I lack a green thumb and after trying to grow tomatoes year after year, I now buy cans of tomatoes from which to make my batches of sauce.  Purchasing canned tomatoes is – apparently – allowed, as this story seems to prove.

A few years ago, with Son 1 and Son 2 in tow, I was grocery shopping with a very long list in my hand. I realized I’d forgotten the cans of crushed tomatoes, so the three of us headed down the pasta aisle. We passed the Ronzoni and the Newman’s Own, but I never saw the brand of canned tomatoes I like (Tuttorossi, in case you’re curious.)

“Has anyone seen the crushed tomatoes?” I muttered. With Son 1 on my left and Son 2 on my right, we peered closely at the selection.

Right before our eyes, a can of the EXACT brand of crushed tomatoes I like leaped off the shelf and dropped onto the floor in the center of the aisle, right side up. No one was there to push it from the other side. (I checked.)  Our jaws dropped and our eyes bugged.  I looked at Son 1, Son 1 looked at Son 2, Son 2 looked at me and then the three of us exploded in giggles, concluding the ghost of my grandmother was merely ensuring I did not buy the Ragu.

Tale Two:

In 1992, I was a brand new mom enjoying my summertime maternity leave.  One sunny day, after a long walk with a newborn who’d been fussy most of the previous night, I returned home, relieved that he’d fallen asleep in his stroller.  The weather was mild. I decided to let him sleep on the patio in front of my apartment. (Each unit had a fenced deck with a locking gate, so I wasn’t worried about anyone taking him.)  I set the brake on his stroller, an inexpensive portable kind, and went inside to get some housework done.

I washed dishes, watching my baby from the closed kitchen window. The kitchen went silent; the hum of the air-conditioner blissfully silent for a few minutes as the unit switched off.  But somehow, a gusty breeze lifted the hair from my neck, raising goose pimples on my skin. When I smelled peppermint, I knew I wasn’t alone.

A voice spoke in my ear, or maybe just in my mind.  “Patty Ann, bring the baby inside. Now.”

I wasn’t afraid. The voice belonged to my grandfather, who died when I was fourteen. I gave my newborn the middle name Anthony, in his honor.  He always had peppermint Lifesavers in his pocket.  I looked around, saw nothing, but felt him, knew he was right there, standing beside me.

I went outside, released the brakes on the baby’s stroller, wrestled it through the front door. I closed the door and stood for a moment, staring at my perfect son, trying to convince myself I hadn’t heard what I heard, felt what I felt, or smelled what I smelled.

A sudden crash on the patio startled me. It was loud enough to hear with the door and windows closed.  I flung the door open and saw a white blur ricocheting off the patio fencing.  It was a golf ball. It hit the patio deck hard enough to gouge the wood, and then bounced into the vinyl siding where it left a dent.

It hit exactly where my son’s stroller had been parked only seconds before.



9 responses to “Ghost story”

  1. Kelly B says:

    Your right the first one made me giggle the second gave me a chill. I bet you never smell peppermint without thinking of your grandpa.

  2. abby mumford says:

    ghost stories CREEP me out, so i scanned these and figured out the second one was the chill inducing one and read that first. i wanted to end on a happy note.

    however, i still have chills from the golf ball story. it’s a happy story, really, as it was a familiar ghost, but still. eek!

    happy halloween!

  3. Patty says:

    Kelly, I miss buying him Lifesavers for his Christmas stocking. Lifesavers used to sell them in a little ‘book’.

    Abby, I wasn’t the least bit frightened… more determined to keep him with me!

  4. Linda G. says:

    Oh, my goodness! You gave me the shivers. At least your ghosts are the helpful sort. :)

  5. Patty says:

    True. If I’m ever haunted like in Paranormal Activity, you have my permission to kill me.

  6. Donna Coe-Velleman says:

    Patty, the second was was a bit eerie but also reassuring that someone is out there looking out for you and your family. It’s kind of nice to hear something like that.

  7. So cool. I have no trouble believing your grandfather gave you a warning.

  8. Patty says:

    Donna, you’re right; somebody’s watching over us!

    Beth, I’m not usually a big believer of this John Edward ‘woo-woo’ stuff, but I’m certain the voice I heard belonged to my grandfather.

  9. Jessica says:

    Your first tale made me chuckle. Your second made me tear up. And to your comment re: Paranormal Activity – AGREED! I just watched that movie and let’s just say I’ve never noticed how many sounds our house makes at night until now…