Denim Day 2016

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In 2014, I wrote a novel called Some Boys in direct response to the despicable ways in which the victim of a rape in a town called Steubenville was vilified and blamed for the actions of her attackers. Throughout the trial, I cringed as mainstream media suggested we feel sorry for the defendants, whose promising football careers were ruined and I shouted and shook my fist at the suggestion that “she asked for it” by getting drunk. 

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In 2015, I was invited to City As School in New York City to discuss the book and the topics of rape, consent, and rape culture it includes. Students were receptive and interested in ways we can end this culture of excuses. I was invited back to City as School in April for Denim Day NYC, when the students will walk with Fashion Week models across the Brooklyn Bridge and will wear denim to send the message: CLOTHES ARE NOT CONSENT. 

I’m unable to attend in person, so I’m coordinating a virtual Denim Day event all during Wednesday, April 27th. I’ve asked some author friends to help and together, we’ll share stories, resources, links, and experiences to help amplify this important message. You can follow along at this Facebook event, on Twitter using hashtags #DenimDay, #DenimDayAuthors, #NoExcuses, #WhyIWearDenim. 

You can post pictures of yourself wearing denim and answering the question, “I wear denim because…” 

You can Take The Pledge. You can share and link this post everywhere to help spread the word and the mission: 

We are not objects. We are not to blame. 

Will you wear denim with us? Click the Tweet button below to automatically share the message: 

On April 27th, #TakeThePledge and tell us why you’ll wear denim. #DenimDayAuthors #rapeculture

Tweet: On April 27th, #TakeThePledge and tell us why you'll wear denim.  #DenimDayAuthors #rapeculture 


Clara Kensie  

Yvonne Ventresca 

Ally Broadfield

Emily Lindin  – Creator of The Unslut Project and producer of Slut: A Documentary Film about the dangers of sexual bullying

Lisa Brown Roberts

Cheryl Rainfield 

Debra Kristi


Do you need help?

The National Center for Victims of Crime
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

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