Chocolate Sunday!

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You’ve probably noticed I really like chocolate.

I heard the “Duh” my friends all uttered in perfect synchronization just now. Heck, half my Twitter followers now think of me whenever they pop a piece, so I guess word has spread.

I heard about this great recipe from author Sherry Thomas and thought I’d share it with you all. It’s been tested. Trust me, it’s great! (Cue Tony the Tiger.)

If you haven’t heard of Cake Pops yet, follow the link. There’s even a book out now.

I made the Red Velvet cake pops for my son’s graduation party last summer. I’d forgotten to buy the lolly-pop sticks so just served them without. The guests were grabbing three and four at a time and popping them like potato chips (you really can’t eat just one)! I’m still getting requests for more, so I think they were a hit.

Think of the potential! If you don’t like chocolate, you could use a yellow cake and white dip. They’d be adorable in pink and blue for a baby shower, or school colors for the big game. Have you tried Cake Pops? Do you love chocolate the way I do? What’s your can’t-say-no indulgence?

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