Chocolate Sunday – 9/4/11

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Sorry for the blog silence. A week after Hurricane Irene, I finally have power again. It was restored last night at 6 PM. Going seven days with no power is damn hard. I’m no pioneer woman. I like my modern conveniences. My husband bravely endured cold showers while I dressed in the gym locker room at my office. I drove home every day at lunch, picked up my sixteen-year-old son and took him back to work with me, where he watched DVDs on a portable player, or played handheld games. He was thrilled to be out of the dark house.

I wish I could tell you my efforts toward chocolate moderation continued during the storm’s aftermath, but I’d be lying. Chocolate is most definitely comfort food for me. First, there were Devil Dogs. The day after the storm, I headed to the grocery store to stock up on shelf foods.

So did every one else.

The stores were pretty well cleaned out. I couldn’t even buy ice for the coolers, so  I grabbed a few boxes of Drake’s snack cakes. Devil Dogs, Coffee Cakes, etc. I ate breakfast and lunch at work. We ate dinner out the entire week.

We had gyros for dinner Thursday night. I was sick the rest of the night and wanted desperately to stay home on Friday. If we’d had power, I would have worked from home. Since we didn’t, I dragged myself in to the office on two hours of sleep, still sick, so ate no breakfast or lunch. Around 2 PM, I felt hungry, but because it was the last day before a three-day-weekend, management let everyone leave at 1 PM, so the cafeteria was closed. I made microwave popcorn and worked until almost 7 PM on product videos. When I got home, the guys decided to have dinner at our local Friendly’s Restaurant – known for its Happy Endings Sundaes. Oh, I was good. I didn’t order dessert but did sneak a few spoonfuls from my husband’s and son’s treats. What? I’m not a saint.

Next, there were the M&Ms. Yesterday, Day 7 without power, after I pulled on my last pair of clean panties, I called my friend, Sue, who kindly let me do laundry at her place. She got her power back Tuesday. Sue had a few giant bags of M&Ms in her refrigerator – plain, peanut butter and pretzel.

Pretty sure I ate one bag all by myself.

So, the power is back on. My freezer is still empty. I will do a large grocery store run tomorrow, after the refrigerator has had some time to reach the right temps. What’s on my list? Lots of veggies, fruits, cheeses, and yogurt – all the things I always tell you I hate.

I… um… well, the truth is, I miss them. I’ve had enough junk food. My clothes are too tight, I feel icky and am angry at myself for having to redo the pounds I already lost.



3 responses to “Chocolate Sunday – 9/4/11”

  1. Linda G. says:

    Seven days without power? And then you got sick? Oh, honey, you deserve whatever kind of comfort you can find, chocolate or otherwise. *hugs*

  2. Jeannie Moon says:

    M and M’s are not chocolate in cases like this…they represent sanity. Glad you found some.

  3. Kelly B says:

    Hurricanes are the norm where I am so we always have extra stuff in our stockpile for just those types of emergencies. But don’t beat yourself up for slipping. Sometimes when we need comfort we go back to what we know. Is it always good for us? Not even close. Each day dawns new and bright giving us another chance to get it right.