Chocolate Sunday

Posted Jul 17 2011, 9:00 am in

I had a physical recently involving blood work and to my surprise, the results indicate my blood sugar is a bit high.

Nothing to worry about but something to watch. Pre-diabetes, my doctor said.

So, I am now struggling to come to terms with the dreaded M word.

Moderation. “Everything in moderation.” As you know by now, chocolate is a serious obsession for me. But that’s not the only sugar I have to watch. The doctor claims the sugar in white bread is just as bad. But I don’t have a white bread obsession or blog about white bread.

Chocolate! Chocolate bars, chocolate kisses, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate sauce – hell, I even like that Chocolate body spray for men. How the hell am I supposed to moderate that?

Gah! I HATE that word. For someone like me who doesn’t smoke, drink, or use chemical enhancers, chocolate was my one vice, my reward for both good days and bad. I looked forward to it each day. Moderate it? I would skip meals to make room for it.

Alas, advancing age and weight are conspiring against me. The doctor didn’t say to cut it out completely, so I am now trying to challenge myself to embrace MODERATION. If I can’t have chocolate every day, I CAN have it perhaps once a week or so, until I get my sugar back under control. For that, I need your help. I do well when I’m dared to do something. In fact, I completed my first novel when dared to do so by my oldest son. I am daring myself to go a week at a time without chocolate. Once a week. That’s it. I once gave up chocolate for Lent and lasted three weeks, so I can do this! I’m sure of it.

The question is, for how long?

So, if you follow my blog, dare me to keep it up in a comment. Follow @pattyblount on Twitter and send me a daily encouraging DARE.



2 responses to “Chocolate Sunday”

  1. Linda G. says:

    Um…you probably don’t need to hear how dark chocolate doesn’t have nearly as much sugar, and so isn’t as bad for you, huh? The uber-dark stuff, anyway. Would that count as moderation?

    However, I do officially DARE you to stay away from milk chocolate, which is loaded with sugar. :)

  2. Debora Dale says:

    I say eat everything else in moderation so you can splurge with chocolate. :-)

    Actually, I care about you too much to mean that. It won’t be easy to do but maybe you’ll enjoy your chocolate even more if it’s rationed. I’m trying to spin this positive, in case you didn’t notice. lol.

    Anyway… I DARE you to stay away from chocolate. I will be watching…….