Chocolate Sunday

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A few days back, my friend Jeff Somers sent me this link containing news about a personal 3D printer that uses chocolate instead of ink to create chocolate shapes.

Let’s pause for a moment to honor the inventors of this most amazing device.

Is this not the coolest thing ever? It could be the most important invention of our generation. Think of the applications for such a device. Bachelorette party? No need to embarrass yourself ordering the chocolate phallus. Just ‘print’ one yourself. Kids find your secret chocolate stash? No problem. Print out an emergency snack.

You probably want to know how much such a wonder costs. Sadly, the article doesn’t mention price. I think we should take up a collection. Everybody, send $1 to Patty Blount.

We’ll keep the printer in my living room. *beams*

You can visit anytime.

Thank you, Jeff, for sending that link. Everybody, buy Jeff’s books! The only way they could be more amazing is if they were made of chocolate.



4 responses to “Chocolate Sunday”

  1. Linda G. says:

    OMG! Best invention EVER!!! I want one. Now.

  2. Debora Dale says:

    I LOVE your Chocolate Sunday posts (and love the title). What an amazing invention Patty. I have my dollar ready to send…

    Printing our own chocolate phallus. lol!

  3. My other half read this story to me. Before he did, he started the conversation with ‘no you can’t have one’. Spoilsport.

  4. Kelly B says:

    Why am I just know hearing about this?

    I thought we were friends.

    And no, it should go in my living room.