Chocolate Sunday!

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While searching for more chocolate treats, I stumbled on this entertaining story and concluded God CAN’T possibly be female or that story would be biological fact. Men and women would both be happy, divorce rates would plummet, Clinton would be exonerated, wars would cease, peace on Earth would – finally –reign.

What is it about chocolate? What is this mysterious power it has, particularly over women, who say they’d rather have chocolate than have sex?  In a word: PEA. That stands for phenylethylamine, a chemical that stimulates endorphins in our brains similar to those released during sex (at climax) or falling in love.  This chemical, dubbed the Love Drug, works like an amphetamine to make us more excited, more alert, less depressed. Could be why so many of us consider chocolate the ultimate comfort food.

Chocolate comes from the Theobroma  Cacao tree, a Greek word that translated into “food of the gods.” Another chemical in chocolate, called Theobromine, acts much like caffeine. A third chemical, Anandamide , mimics THC found in marijuana, and could be responsible for the feelings of bliss associated with chocolate consumption.

But you know what the best part is? It’s all perfectly legal. You don’t even have to be twenty-one to buy it.

Let us all take a moment to perform our Celebratory Chocolate Dance.  *unwraps Chocolate Kiss, pops in mouth, waits for melty moment, closes eyes, moans*

What do you think – would you take chocolate over sex?




3 responses to “Chocolate Sunday!”

  1. Debora Dale says:

    Oh, Patty! lol. The decadence in this post is palpable!

    Alas, I will never again experience the bliss of chocolate since it give me hives. However, NY Cheesecake can often be the game changer for me so… sex or sweets? Hmm. Can I have both? One to add on the pounds and one to take ’em off… ;-)

  2. Jeannie Moon says:

    To answer the question directly. No.

    I would give up the chocolate. But I do like Debora’s thoughts, true decadence is to have both.

  3. Patty Blount says:

    I like the way you ladies think! Both it is. *makes note*