Chocolate Sunday

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It’s Chocolate Sunday again, but I have no recipes to share.

I am dieting.

*cries* I hate dieting. I have been dieting since 2001. I never had a weight problem. I was one of those people who could anything and not have to worry. When I had my children, I gained about forty pounds with each pregnancy and only had trouble getting off the second baby’s weight gain. But eventually, it did come off.

In 2000, I got sick. I had pneumonia so bad, the doctor wanted to hospitalize me, but I had two little kids at home. Instead, he gave me nebulizer treatments and put me on steroids – oral and inhaled.

I gained about twenty-two pounds in a month.

I have tried every weight loss program there is.

I now have forty freaking pounds to lose.

So, I am trying Weight Watchers. Again. I’ve lost about 3 lbs in six months. Not happy.

And I miss chocolate! I’m rationing it now. Three Kisses are two points.

Friday night, I was so crazy, I poured a spoonful of chocolate chips into a dessert dish and ate them one at a time. Not bad. 70 calories!

So, this is a PLEA FOR HELP! If you’re a chocolate-obsessed nut like me, how do you fit it into your diet and still lose weight? Tell me, I’m begging.



6 responses to “Chocolate Sunday”

  1. Selena Wolff says:

    O my stars. I consider chocolate the fifth food group and when I found out I was diabetic, I nearly gave up. What I found was: 1)sugar free chocolate-and only the best you can buy 2)rationing-the chocolate chips things is great and 3)learning to view the changes as opportunities for creativity instead of self denial. GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  2. Debora Dale says:

    Well, I’m allergic to chocolate but have a weakness for butter cookies. And if I don’t have any in the house, I will just start baking them.

    But… a while ago, I bought a book called The Sonoma Diet. I LOVE that book and went out to buy the Sonoma Cookbook. Together, they provide some of the most luscious meals one could ask for – and they’re healthy. The idea is to eat less processed foods and more fresh foods. There’s a mix of Mediterranean and Sonoma Valley flavors in these books that make you want to sit and dine – and never once did I feel like I was dieting. Okay. Maybe for the first 10 days but after that it just became our new way of life.

    The beauty is that once you start eating this way, there’s room for cheating. Healthier, sun-drenched foods served in the proper ratio (the author explains all this in easy English) leaves you feeling fuller longer and lets you have that butter cookie or piece of chocolate for dessert. I can’t recommend these books enough.

    If you try them out, please let me know. I’d love to hear if you feel the same way about the recipes as I do.

  3. Patty Blount says:

    Diabetic? Allergic? Oh, I’m so sorry! I will try the Sonoma book. Thanks for your suggestions, ladies.

  4. Patty, last year I lost 66lbs, it’s taken me the same amount of time to put it back on as it did to lose it (yes, I’m an idiot). So I’m starting again. I can lose weight by eating most things in moderation except chocolate. I love chocolate so much that I have to cut it out completely. I wish there was another way.
    The very best of luck to you, (and me!)

  5. I love semisweet chocolate chips and almonds. About a 1/4 of each per serving, I think. Almonds are healthy and really filling. I like lightly salted almonds. Chocolate also has some health benefits, especially if it has a higher percentage of cacao.

    Or maybe fresh (organic if you can) strawberries dipped in some melted dark chocolate.

    It really helps to enjoy every bite. If you wolf it down because you feel guilty for “cheating,” you’re going to eat a lot more and not feel satisfied. If you really enjoy every bite and tell yourself you can have these delicious things in moderation, you’ll be satisfied with much less (and you’ll still feel good about yourself).

  6. I’ve been dieting for most of my life as well. I’ve been on steroids my whole life (they basically keep me alive. Sigh. Chubby or alive? Alive wins) S.o I know what you’ve gone through. I love chocolate as well. Dark Dove chocolate promises are one point each. I let myself have one for a sweet thing once a day. I also like Jello sugar free dark chocolate pudding. It’s 2 points for a serving, so I’ll have that for a dessert sometimes.