Chocolate Sunday!

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Author pal Trisha Leigh was in New York last week and sent me this picture with one word in the accompanying message: Trifecta!

Road trip, anyone?


Trisha has no idea what fun I’ve had with this picture. Cocoa Bar is located in Brooklyn. Oh, I already Mapquested directions and have been hinting to the family that they NEED to take me there.  I don’t like coffee, so I’ll pass on that, but the chocolate plus wine part? Yes, please.

This has actually been a dream of mine – opening a chocolate bar. I would call my place INDULGENCE and design the interior with brown satins, which always remind me of chocolate, and books – lots and lots of books. But it’s not a place that belongs in any old strip center. In my mind, I see it as a cool, upscale spot in the Hamptons or the north shore near Stony Brook, Long Island. I envision it as a destination people would hit after a great meal at a neighboring restaurant, or seeing a concert or movie down the street. It needs to be in a town where people stroll. The aromas alone would pull you in, like a cartoon smoke puff that curls right up your noses.

There would be specials every week. I figure I’d be busiest on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. I’d schedule book readings, too. Oh, could you imagine hearing some outrageously hot love scene and then biting into a a rich dark chocolate-covered strawberry big as a fist, washing it down with champagne that tickles?  Or swirling a creamy chocolate mousse on your tongue accompanied by a nice vintage port?

I can.

Some day…

If you dream of opening a business or can recommend another chocolate bar, I’d love to hear about it!  It’s research. Shut up, it really is.



2 responses to “Chocolate Sunday!”

  1. I had no idea such places existed. I’m obviously living in the WRONG COUNTRY!!!

    I had an idea once to open a bookshop with cafe, and then a salsa club upstairs. All my loves in one building.

  2. Patty Blount says:

    There you go! One stop does it all. I love it.