Chocolate Sunday

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Wow, it’s Sunday already. That was a fast week. For this week’s chocolate treat, I’d like to introduce you to

*drum roll*

The Chocolate Orgasm

I discovered this awesome recipe by following a Twitter link. To my surprise – and profound enjoyment – the recipe was posted to promote the release of SWEET AS SIN, a novel by Inez Kelly. Chocolate Orgasm brownies, I soon learned, are the specialty of the house at the Sugar Shack, a bakery owned and operated by Inez Kelly’s main character, Livvie Andrews. I tried out the recipe (yum!) and then, tried the book.

The recipe has this punch of heat totally unexpected in a sweet brownie. And the story. (Oh. MY. GAWD.) I reviewed it over at Goodreads. It’s sweet, it’s dark and painful, and yeah, it’s HOT.

If you have chocolate to share or better yet, books – I want to hear about it!



3 responses to “Chocolate Sunday”

  1. Jeannie Moon says:

    One of the best “foodie romances” I’ve ever read? “Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie. I LOVE this book.

    • Patty says:

      I’ve read that and loved how the hero kept telling her, “You are not fat.”

      • Jeannie Moon says:

        Perfect Cal? I loved him and that book so much. All the imagery with the chocolate.