Breaking Dawn, Part 2

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I saw Breaking Dawn, Part 2 tonight and I am blown away. I’m sad to see the series end. It’s kind of like saying goodbye to friends. But I made some new friends tonight.

*waves* Hi, Dawn and Brittany and your friend whose name I can’t remember! It  was very cool to hang out and watch the movie with you. Thanks for saying hi and making me feel a little less awkward. 


I did it. I saw Breaking Dawn by myself ’cause I just couldn’t wait to coordinate schedules with friends and what-not. 

Dawn was on my left, saw I was alone, held out her hand to introduce herself and then offered me some of her dinner! 

I won’t reveal any spoilers here, but you should know this movie was awesome. The cast’s performances were the best yet, the action got kicked up a few notches to the point both Dawn and I were surprised it kept its PG13 rating and there is a heart-twisting scene that–


I nearly spilled the beans. *laughs*

This movie picks up just where Part 1 left off. It follows the book (no silly ecology center field trips in this one) and though it may feel a bit rushed, trust me — it’s worth it. 

Go see it, say goodbye to the series that helped rekindle the Young Adult book market. 

Dawn, Brittany — I really hope you enjoy SEND. It was great meeting you and sharing that sparkly fun. 



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  1. Aurelia Blue says:

    I L<3VED the books… the movies… well, I loved the books and so it's always fun adding to the TWI-experience. I saw it over the weekend with my kids, and I just have one question: Is Stephenie Meyer mad at us? I ask this because, without giving away any spoilers, there was one scene that was a little different than the book, and I'm wondering if it was in response to the comments swirling over that scene when the book first came out. If so,author revenge must be so much fun when you can get away with it, lol.