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My recent trip to the RWA National Convention in Manhattan this month resulted in an abundance of conference swag – primarily consisting of books. My to-be-read pile is so large, my husband is hoping to declare it as another dependent for tax purposes. So, I guess it’s time to get rid of some of these books. I could take them to the library, but I thought it would be more fun to share the er, well, FUN. Here’s a list of the ones I’ve read so far. If you want it, it’s yours for the taking. Just email me your snail mail address and I’ll pop the book in the mailbox.


Ravishing in Red was the first Madeline Hunter I read. It’s a Regency with a bit of intrigue tossed in. Audrianna Kelmsleigh’s father died believing he was responsible for the war-time negligence that crippled Lord Sebastian Summerhays’ brother. The duo’s search for answers compromises their honor and Audrianna finds herself married to the Lord, which makes it even harder to clear her father’s name.


Raziel by Kristina Douglas is first in a series called The Fallen. If you like the TV show Supernatural, you’ll enjoy this story. Raziel is the hot fallen angel whose duty it is to guide departed souls to heaven. Allie Watson is a soul he can’t let go. Now Raziel”s pissed off Uriel, the archangel, and the ferocious Nephilim are clawing their way inside what Allie believes is Heaven. ¬†There’s an unexpected twist at the end I enjoyed.



The Heir is the debut Regency romance by Grace Burrowes. The Earl of Westhaven is determined to resist all pressure to marry even though he is heir to the Duke of Moreland. He decides to spend the summer in London where his new housekeeper, Anna Seaton, nearly kills him with a fireplace poker. Romantic fun ensues but there’s a twist…. Anna was not born into service. So why is she pretending to be a housekeeper? And who is the mute girl she hired into the Earl’s household?


Seaborne by Katherine Irons is not at all what I expected. Claire Bishop, confined to a wheelchair after a tragic accident, is tormented by the over-protectiveness of both her father and ex-husband, who smother her with unwanted company, endless doctor’s visits, and “No, you can’t”‘s. ¬† Morgan is a man she meets on the beach – or so Claire thinks. Morgan is actually a prince of Atlantis and his obsession with the human woman unleashes a tidal wave of political angst. This was a surprising story with unexpected plot twists.


The Iron King by Julie Kagawa is book 1 in a new YA series, I think, called The Iron Fey. Meghan Chase’s life hasn’t been the same since her father disappeared when she was six. Her mom remarried and her four-year-old half-brother is replaced by an evil changeling. Meghan’s best friend, Robbie, turns out to be Robin Goodfellow – Shakespeare’s Puck. On her sixteenth birthday, Meghan discovers the truth about who she really is and sets out to rescue her brother from the fey. To do so, she must make a series of bargains – each more dangerous than the last – ¬†especially the one she makes to Ash, Prince of the Unseelie Court.


More books are coming as soon as I’ve read them. If you’re interested in one of these books, let me know! Happy to send it to you.












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  1. Linda G. says:

    How generous of you! I’d love any of them, but especially Raziel. (Okay, I have a thing for wings.) Will email you my addy! And thanks. :)

  2. I won’t email you as I live in England which probably makes the postage a bit prohibitive. Just wanted to say how nice it is that you’re doing this :)

  3. abby says:

    wow, patty, this is super generous of you! i’d love to take the grace burrowes debut out for a spin. i’ll email my address! thanks!!