All in the name of research – 9/12/11

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It’s that time again – time to start a new novel.

The story I’m working on now is actually a reincarnation of a book I finished about seven years ago, this time – with a Young Adult focus. It’s got ghosts and mediums, muscle cars and yeah – a bit of romance. I’m in the process of getting to know my lead characters and doing research.

Lots and lots of research.

I hit the local library twice this week, checking out an armload of books on psychics, psychic ability, ghost stories, and astrology, and the I Ching. Then I turned to researching American Muscle Cars. Riley, my sixteen-year-old MC, lost his dad. Riley used to help his dad restore a late sixties muscle car. I’m torn between the ’69 GTO and ’70 442. The car figures prominently in this story; it’s one of the first ‘signs’ Riley gets from the other side.

Reading all these books about paranormal abilities got me thinking. Are all of us, even if only to a slight degree, psychic?

Let me just channel this guy…








and say, “I want to believe.”

One of the library books I picked up suggests there is no such thing as a coincidence. What we call coincidences are the ‘signs’ I am trying to develop for my characters. Sure, I’ve had experiences where some gut instinct warned me to do something (or NOT do something), and deja vu, and even prophetic dreams. (I knew my first baby would be a boy well before our first sonogram.) I’ve even had visitations from what I am convinced are the ghosts of my dead grandparents. But are any of these proof of my psychic ability? I’m still not convinced.

What about you? Do you believe in psychic ability? Have any experiences skeptics would claim are mere coincidence?  Tell me about them.



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  1. I have no hard evidence to back up my beliefs but I absolutely believe in psychic ability. That ‘gut instinct’ you talk about is in all of us, it’s just some people listen to it more than others.

  2. Linda G. says:

    Hubs swears I’m psychic. I freak him out on a regular basis by reading his mind. Though, frankly, I suspect that’s just from being married for as long as we have.

  3. Kate B says:

    I totally believe it, have had too many experiences not to

    I don’t believe in coincidence or accidents- everything is for a reason

    *still no period key :( *

    • Patty Blount says:

      Kate, sorry for the delay, I didn’t notice your comment was waiting to be approved until today! (bad patty)

      One of the books I’m using for this research suggests that our thoughts are actually energy emissions (this is the basis for reading auras). Another says that this is where we’ll find God – in learning how to look inside ourselves for the answers to life’s questions. Maybe coincidences and accidents are the first step?

  4. Patty Blount says:

    Sarah, that’s exactly what the MC realizes in this story. I’m trying to come up with the ‘signs’ that will make him listen.

    Linda, one of the books I read suggests that energy is transferred from us to those we love – time plays a part in the depth of our ‘connections.”

  5. I’ve had too many instances occur in my life to think otherwise. But then, I have no hard proof, just my belief.

    Great concept, Patty. Have fun with it!

  6. Jeannie Moon says:

    There are too many unexplained things in this world not to believe. Good luck with this book, sounds great. :)

    • Patty Blount says:

      Thanks, Jeannie! If I could only find a title I like, that would really help. Everything I like, I search Amazon and discover half a dozen other books already used it.

  7. Debora Dale says:

    What an intriguing story idea, Patty! Very cool.

    I have had a few experiences but one stands out the most for me.

    My first pet was a shih-tzu I rescued from a shelter one day before she was to be put down. She was my best friend through some very difficult times. When she was 16, she needed surgery to remove a small tumor. Because of her age, the vet did blood work and x-rays before the surgery.


    Just before he came out of the exam room to talk to me about the x-rays, I had an overwhelming sense of dread. I remember saying, “no.” and covering my face, trying to block it out.

    The tech asked if I was okay and I said I was but my dog wasn’t, I just knew it. The vet came out from the back at that moment and slowly shook his head. He’d found about 30 tumors in my baby’s lungs.

    I will never forget that – or doubt the ability we have but don’t always use.

    I’m eager to read this new story, Patty, so get to it, will ya. ;-)

    • Patty Blount says:

      I’m so sorry about your poor dog. I’m reading a book now in connection with all this research that focuses on ghostly visits from departed pets.