5 out of 5 Meteor Clusters for The Last Testament – A Memoir By God (with David Javerbaum)

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1 In an ironic twist of fate, I bought this book while at the Huntington Book Revue waiting for my own book launch party to start. My son handed it to me and I started leafing through pages, giggling at some of the text…  a great way to manage those public speaking nerves.

2 Written entirely in “God-speak” – as my son calls the biblical notations and frequent use of Thou, verily, and forsaketh, The Last Testament manages to be both irreverent and hilarious at the same time. Probably no big deal for God the circle whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere, but it sure impressed the hell out of me.

3 In the Prologue alone, which I read while trying not to wet my pants before I spoke to my own fans for the first time, God – pardon me – I mean, The Lord our God, King of the Universe – describes a fruitful meeting with His agent with these words:

Thy previous books have sold an impressive six billion copies;

They form the basis of three great religions, and five crappy ones.

4 I was hooked! Er, hooketh.

5 I bought the book, took it home, read it and yes, had to change my clothes at least three times because I did verily wet my pants from laughing. I kiddeth thee not. God covers everything from the first couple, Adam and Steve, all the way to armegeddon. Yea, verily, the end of the world really is set for next month. *shrug* But it’s not WHAT God covers, it’s the way He covers it. God, as it turns out, has an unholy sense of humor.

6 Who kneweth?

7 In this ‘telleth all’ God apologizes for the potato famine; He was mad at them.

8 The potatoes, not the Irish.

9 My favorite part of the book? God explains, in His own words, why there is such a lengthy gap in the recorded history of man: He has been overseeing another universe. Hasty to point out He never sought out this relationship and that He was totally happy with ours, nevertheless, the Lord our God, King of THIS Universe, succumbed to a Great Moment of Weakness:

“I Banged it.

And then the whole thing kind of exploded from there; and that is how it all got started.

This thing with the other universe, I mean.”

10 *sigheth* He claims that other universe means nothing to Him but does He agree to stop overseeing it? Smite it? No.

11 As you read this book, you’ll come to one certain conclusion – God is nuts.

12 But nuts in a Pure and Holy way, of course.

13 This book, written by the supremely witty and smart David Javerbaum, an 11-time Emmy Award winner for his work on The Daily Show, revisits everything you learned in Sunday School and pretty much flips it the bird. Yes, I’m certain many people will be offended by this book.

14 If you’re one of them, don’t read it.

15 If you’re not one of them, buy it now. Immediately. It’s quite honestly the funniest thing you may read before the world ends – an end marked by various signs of the apocalypse including electing Sarah Palin as the president of the United States and Facebook recording its 666,666,666th member.

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Religion and faith are so often taboo-topics. Would you find this book funny or blasphemous? Would you read this book? Why or why not? 



11 responses to “5 out of 5 Meteor Clusters for The Last Testament – A Memoir By God (with David Javerbaum)”

  1. Linda G. says:

    Sounds fantastically irreverent to me!

  2. abby says:

    patty, you nailed this review! mine seems paltry in comparison, but not the point…you rocked this review like God rocked this book.

  3. omigoodness!
    Just peeked at it on Amazon and was DYING laughing. Though, I will admit, this walks a line of laughing WITH God vs. laughing AT God, but dang–it’s FUNNY.

  4. kellybreakey says:

    Loved the review and, if I were still blogging I couldn’t have said it better! Good Job!