5 out of 5 Flannel Shirts to ABOUT THAT NIGHT by Julie James

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Law student Rylann Pierce and PhD candidate Kyle Rhodes have instant chemistry when they meet one night in a bar, but their first official date is derailed by the death of Kyle’s mother. Fast-forward nine years… Rylann is now an assistant U.S. attorney and Kyle is the ex-con the media calls the Twitter Terrorist.

Surprised to find her on the other side of the court room, Kyle can’t deny he’s still wildly attracted to Rylann, but she’s all business and has no intentions of risking her case for a few hormones. Okay, so maybe it’s a LOT of hormones. Regardless, there’s too much riding on this case to indulge herself and I really enjoyed that mature way of handling lust. There’s plenty of banter and funny dialogue between the lead characters. They have some amusing nicknames for each other that never failed to pull a grin out of me. 

As for Kyle, the man is just yummy. The son of a billionaire, Kyle is simply brilliant with computers but puts his PhD plans on hold to help save his dad’s company after his mother’s sudden death. In the middle of this, he falls for the wrong woman who breaks up with him in 140 characters. In public. Kyle makes a series of bad decisions while drunk and ends up serving time for taking down Twitter. While in prison, he witnesses another crime that will again put him in Rylann’s path. As soon as his role as her star witness ends, Rylann and Kyle give into their attraction that’s survived a decade-long separation. Their first love scene is hot, hot, HOT and also manages to set the characters on equal footing. It’s not all ‘teach me, show me’ – instead, it’s two people knowing the risks and coming together anyway, taking turns exploring each other’s bodies. In fact, this is a theme that continues throughout the book – Rylann doesn’t need Kyle. She’s doing just fine on her own.

And that leads me to the next thing I loved about this book – the role reversals. In so many novels, it’s the guy who has commitment issues but in this story, Rylann is the one who wants to keep things casual and light, but Kyle has other ideas. Fans of romance novels will find this story refreshing in how the characters use logic to decide how far to go and then discover the heart doesn’t always listen to the brain. 

I usually pull a specific image from the novel for use in my rating system. This story had a lot to choose from. Chia pet, Bozo the Clown (both references to Rylann’s hair), dimples, tweets, shampoo commercials — but I went with flannel shirts. I give this story 5 out of 5 flannel shirts because from the opening chapter, the flannel shirt Kyle wears paints a really nice picture in my brain. Read the story to find out why.

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4 responses to “5 out of 5 Flannel Shirts to ABOUT THAT NIGHT by Julie James”

  1. abby says:

    solid review, solid story. i love this author! i can’t believe i hadn’t heard of her before now.

  2. Linda Grimes says:

    I love flannel shirts on a guy, so it works for me! Great review. :)

  3. Blake says:

    I love this review and I loved this book for all the same reasons. I had meant to ask if you were going to go with High Fives as your image, but I think Flannel Shirts is absolutely perfect!

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