Standing Up instead of By

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Ever since I got the idea for SEND, I’ve been watching the news for bullying stories and you know what happened? 

I started seeing news — blog posts, articles, pictures, even videos — for kids doing something to stop bullying. I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Social Experiment — Bullying  This video was shot by college students to prove a point. People always say you never know how you’ll react to a situation until you have to face it. I hope sincerely I never react by doing nothing. 

Danny Keefe gets support from a whole team  This story made me smile for hours! Little Danny Keefe suffered some trauma at birth that left him with speech issues. When some kids bullied him for his inability to speak well, a fifth grade quarterback enlisted the whole team to start a Danny Appreciation Day. Watch what they do. These are kids who deserve a big pat on the back. 

Olivet Football Team Lets Disabled Boy Score  This team from a middle school ran a secret play that nobody knew about, not even the coach. 

Second Grader Cures Playground Blues If you think you have to be older or stronger or rich to do something to stop bullying, read this story about a boy whose idea for a Buddy Bench costs little, means a lot, and he’s only in second grade. 

Inspired yet? I sure am.  

I leave you with one final link, offered without comment so you can feel it, unfiltered. Beauty

Maybe, if we spend more time on stories like these, we’ll see less stories of the other kind. 


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