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What They're Saying...

A great page-turner to savor during the last days of summer…”  Seventeen Magazine.


“With amazing authenticity, Patty Blount captures the thrill of gamer culture, as well as the dangers that lurk in an e-world where seeming truth and identity can be conjured like magic. Playing in this space is Bailey, who feels anything but made-up. She has real history, real problems, and a heart just a bit too open to stop her from falling in.” ~ Geoff Herbach

Educator's Info

TMI's Lexile Level is : HL 640


Parental Advisory

I'm a parent so I know many of you are concerned about your children's reading material. That's why I'm now adding statistics on my website for each of my books. So you can make an informed decision on whether my novels are appropriate for your kid. I can't tell you that. All I can do is tell you what's in each book.

TMI contains the following:

  • Profanity -- Characters use terms like hell, shit, crap, and fuck.
  • Sexual Content -- No characters have sex in this story. Two characters engage in a make-out session where an erection is alluded to, but not described.
  • Violence -- No graphic violence occurs in this story. However, one character cuts her hand and requires stitches and that wound is depicted.
  • Family Dynamics -- Several characters have unusual family situations. Bailey's mother is single and Bailey does not know who her father is. Meg's father committed suicide and her mother is distracted. Chase's family is intact and involved.
  • Themes -- The themes of family, friendship and betrayal are explored.