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What They're Saying...

"Blount’s first novel is a morality play about releasing the past and seizing the present." ~ Publisher’s Weekly "Dan’s likable first-person voice rings with authenticity…" ~Kirkus Reviews

Educator Information

SEND 's Lexile Reading level is:  HL 550

Parental Advisory

I'm a parent so I know many of you are concerned about your children's reading material. That's why I'm now adding statistics on my website for each of my books. So you can make an informed decision on whether my novels are appropriate for your kid. I can't tell you that. All I can do is tell you what's in each book.

SEND has the following:

  • Profanity -- bathroom terms including crap and shit, references to homosexuality used as insults between characters, multiple uses of hell and multiple instances of the F-bomb.
  • Sexual content -- Main characters have sex off-page. In the chapter immediate following, the hero has a crisis of conscience following this act.
  • Violence -- There are several physical fights in this story resulting in fists and bruises. In one fight, a knife is used but no one is actually stabbed. A secondary character brings a loaded gun to school but is disarmed and no shooting takes place. A character is shot at the end of the story but not killed.
  • Family Relationships -- Main characters have parental figures that are present throughout the story. One character has a step-family.