It’s all in his mind…

The Smell of Smoke and Ash

Coming soon from Patty Blount

It's all in his mind. That's what he tells himself whenever he has a vision...until one hurts him. 

Seventeen-year-old Riley Carter cannot tell his mom about the strange visions he's been having since his dad and little brother died in a fire. Psychics aren't real. They're just crooks who prey on the bereaved. But his visions are getting worse.


And when one injures him, Riley knows he needs help. Unfortunately, the only help available comes from Jasmine Gregory, the town's newest sidewalk psychic.


She knows your feelings...even the ones you think you're hiding.

Jasmine's different. She seems to know exactly what he thinks...what he feels, even when he's not entirely sure himself. When she tells him his dad is haunting him, Riley doesn't want to hear it. But as his visions keeping getting worse, the message his dad's been trying to send him becomes clear.

The fire was no accident.

And whoever was behind it is ready to kill again.

Why isn't Jasmine surprised by any of this?