NYC Teen Author Festival with David Levithan

I’ll be participating in two events during 2019’s Teen Author Festival. 

First up:

Saturday March 30, Symposium (42ndStreet NYPL, Bartos Forum, 1-5)

1:00-3:00  –  Speaking the Truth:  Three Conversations


Explanation:  As with Monday, we’re breaking up our showcase panel into three conversations, this time covering the same topic: speaking the truth in YA.  All of these authors engage in the themes and forces that are shaping current teen’s lives – a range that includes politics, activism, gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, racial equality, parental control, medical ethics, and much more, as well as the intersection of many of these.  Each author will be asked to choose a short (2-3 minute) passage of “truth-telling” from their books, and then we’ll discuss how we as YA authors approach the truth, including the challenges and rewards of doing so, and the necessity of both reflecting and questioning the issues we are currently facing as a society.

I’ll be on a panel with these amazing authors: 


Jessica Blank

Amy Giles

Kody Keplinger



Second one is: 


Sunday March 31:  Our Big Ol’ Mega-Signing at Books of Wonder (Books of Wonder, 1-4): 


Signing will be in half-hour shifts.  As mentioned on the volunteer form, only one title for each of you will be guaranteed to be there. Full details to follow.  (If for some reason you need to change your signing time outside of alphabetical order, let me know ASAP.)





Cathleen Bell               (Weregirl: Typhon, Chooseco)

Jessica Blank               (Legacy, Penguin)

Patty Blount               (Someone I Used to Know, Sourcebooks)

Molly Booth               (Nothing Happened, Disney)

Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell      (Sky Without Stars, S&S)

Shani Petroff               (Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over, Macmillan)

Steph Kate Strohm     (That’s Not What I Heard, Scholastic)          

Marit Weisenberg       (Select Few, Charlesbridge)