Christmas in New York (book 4)

A Match Made at Christmas

Tule Group

Since losing her mom on September 11th, Elena Larson hasn't set foot in New York -- no small feat since her sister and her closest friends still live there. But when her pregnant sister begs her for help preparing for the baby's arrival, Elena returns to the city she once called home, hoping she can get through the next six weeks without blurting out the real reason she stays away. She meets Lucas Adair, a man whose smile could light up Broadway and whose touch makes her wish for a life she has no right to expect.

For Lucas, New York isn't just his last link to the mother he lost, it's another victim that bears scars of its own. He volunteers countless hours to helping the city heal and when he meets the beautiful blonde with the sad eyes, Lucas can't help but try to heal her, too.

Lucas and Elena soon discover they share more than the memories of that dark day and must decide for themselves if that link will bond them together or tear them apart.