Radish Fiction

I’m excited to offer you a new way to read my stories. It’s a mobile app called Radish. You can download it for free for iPhone or Google Android devices. 

After you download the app, you can find serialized fiction posted by authors like me in small chunks called episodes. New episodes are uploaded often. Some books are entirely free and others cost a few cents an episode that you can pay for with special Radish currency. It’s a great way for teens short on cash to pay for just what they read and it’s the number one reason I’m writing on Radish now… because I want teen readers to have compelling stories to read whenever the mood strikes. 

THE SKY WAS SCARLET is my Radish story.  Skeptical Riley Carter doesn’t believe in ghosts, no matter how cute the storefront psychic telling him he’s haunted may be. Yeah, it’s true that his dad and baby brother died when the house burned down back when Riley was 11, but anybody could have found that out online. It doesn’t mean it’s true. Riley tries to ignore the signs but when a family friend is killed in another fire that his dad “showed” him in a vision, he knows he needs to do something…but what? In his dad’s vintage ’69 GTO, Riley hits the road with best friend Davis and psychic Jasmine, hoping to decipher the clues in his visions before someone else gets hurt. 

I hope you’ll download the app and read a few episodes, tell me what you think!