Book Clubs & School Visits

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Are you a member of a book club? If so, I’ve got Discussion Guides you can download for each of my books.

I’m also happy to join your meetings via Skype or conference call and if you’re close to Long Island, maybe even in person!

Are you a teacher or librarian? I’d LOVE to talk to your students about internet issues like bullying and over-sharing personal information, the writing and publishing process, or even my obsession with chocolate. *laughs* Contact me at pattyblount3 at gmail dot com. If we can’t swing a personal visit, we can try a Skype session.


  • It Only Takes One Click — 7th – 12th grade. In this forty-minute presentation, I cover my son’s experiences as both the victim of bullying and then as the bully, and how those experiences compelled me to write SEND from the bully’s point of view. Also presented are current bullying statistics and headlines, including suicides.
  • Being Smart About Social Networks — 7th – 12th grade. In this forty-minute presentation, I cover topics like catfishing, identity theft on the popular social networks, and advice to teens for staying safe.
  • #YesSomeBoysButNotAll — 9th through 12th grade.  In this presentation, I discuss the themes presented in Some Boys such as rape culture, entitlement, and consent and explore how rape culture is not a gender issue but a societal one. 

Craft Presentations

Teen Voice — all ages.  In this one-hour presentation, I compare and contrast character voices for the writer interested in developing a compelling teen character with an emphasis on developing the male voice.

To help you discuss my books, download the discussion guides.