Actually not the first novel I ever wrote, Send is the first story I’ve written to make it to publication. It comes out August of 2012 (*swoons*). Send is a bit of a tech writing/fiction crossover, actually. It started in 2009, when I was challenged by a new manager to ‘think outside the book’. I began researching the likes of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and learned about things like wikis and user-generated content. As I researched, a seed of an idea took root and became Send, a story about a boy whose sexting prank ends one life and ruins several others. In 2010, I learned a version of Send finished in the top ten of the 79th Writer’s Digest writing competition! In 2011, a few days before my birthday, I announced Send would be published by Sourcebooks, Inc. !

Here are some SEND Discussion Questions, but be warned – the document contains a few spoilers.

My first novel, Penalty Killer, was a whodunit about a star hockey player whose father is arrested for the murder of a dad on the opposing team.

Postpartum Deception attempted to be suspense. It was about a grieving mother whose emerging psychic ability helps her locate the baby presumed dead in a fire. It ended up being too dark. Someday, I will revise this story because I love the premise so much.

I like writing romance the most. Border Lines and Send are my latest stories.  Border Lines is about a doctor whose free clinic teeters on the brink of bankruptcy unless she can convince a hot reporter to give it some positive press coverage. I plan to spin it into a trilogy: Head Lines next and concluding with Side Lines, each book focusing on the relationships of the three Devine siblings.

My current work-in-progress is called Past Perfect. This is the story of a teen model and beauty queen who pulls a friend from a fiery car wreckage only to suffer catastrophic injuries.  She falls for a hot Army veteran recovering from burns sustained in Afghanistan.  Both are facing life-altering and career-ending recoveries but while she embraces the opportunities ahead, he resists and can look only behind. I love these two characters and hope readers will, too.

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